Intelligent One robot

Partnership with Intelligent Marking

Intelligent One robot

Recently, we agreed on a partnership with Intelligent Marking from Denmark.

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We have over thirty years’ experience in the line marking industry. On the international market, Selectline works with partners to deliver the best possible results. It is with that philosophy the partnership with intelligent marking was agreed. The contract was signed in September 2019, giving Selectline exclusive distribution rights of the intelligent one in France. Many will be familiar with intelligent one as the winner of the Saltex Innovation Award in 2017.

Jeroen Vrieselaar, brand manager at Selectline, explains: ‘we have been in touch with Intelligent Marking for quite some time already. We are always looking for partners who excel in their work, for example with certain accessories or in this case a robot. The Intelligent one robot is a great invention, it saves both time and labour. The robot can set new lines on a complete sports pitch in just half an hour time. Most importantly, it does so with ultimate precision’.

The picture shows team member Michel Souillart and Sjoerd Broos with the Intelligent one.

Picture of Michel and Sjoerd together with the Intelligent One

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